BritSciFi is HUGE!!!

In 2010 a friend suggested we host a new event at the National Space Centre and focus on all that is great and good surrounding British Science Fiction, I never realised it would lead to this!


In 2013 the BritSciFi event is being dedicated to Gerry Anderson, who sadly passed away at the end of last year.


Gerry had been a huge supporter of the past BritSciFi events and attended each year as a very special guest star.  If he is watching us now he will realise just how much of an impact he made on the whole community, both stars and fans.


I met with Mark from BaseStar, the company organising the event on our behalf, this week to walk through the areas available for displays, traders, workshops, talks and competitions and we both quickly realised that there are so many people wanting to make this event special for Gerry, that we had to start looking for new and larger spaces.


The goodwill of the private owners and collectors of original and replica sets and props from Gerry's shows is dumbfounding.  The conversation about the Space:1999 Moon Buggy restoration and participation in the event was very surreal.


We also realised that it would be the 25th anniversary of the Red Dwarf team, so we are really pleased to have Danny, Robert and Chris joining us (fingers crossed we get replies from other emails for a full house!)


Obviously BritSciFi wouldn't be the same with out the Doctor and thanks to the Dalek Owners, Cyberman Builders and the whole team at Hyde Fundraisers there will be loads of characters to get me dashing for the nearest sofa.


I am so proud that the National Space Centre is part of this event, especially this year.  We have invited Jamie Anderson, Gerry's youngest son, to host a Q&A session with many of the people who worked with his Dad over the years, so even if Gerry can't be with us, we will be surrounded by stories, memories and an amazing community of people he inspired.


Are you planning on joining us?  Is there anything you would like to see?

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