In the last five months we have had 1,942 uploads of Weather Pod videos to our Brockstars YouTube channel and this week we started to pick our favourites for the competition.



Brockstars is our year long competition run by the star of our Planetarium shows Brock Anchorson.  He is offering prizes for the best videos in seven categories, across an "Oscar" style range.


It has been fun watching families, school groups, party goers and some very excited children make the videos, especially from the comfort of my office, whilst drinking coffee and eating biscuits!


If you haven't heard about the Brockstars here is the man himself to explain:


We have picked out some of our favourites in each category, but really need your help to pick any we might have missed.



There are lots of great prizes to win and we shall be hosting a special award evening for all the lucky nominees.  Prizes include:

  • Visit to the vertical wind tunnel for an AirKik experience
  • A large package from LEGO (even we don't know what's in it!)
  • Family Christmas Package including Lunch 
  • VIP Day Out (family pass, lunch and Cargo Bay vouchers)
  • Stay, Play, Explore Hotel prize package
  • School trip to the National Space Centre
  • Cargo Bay £50 voucher

Let us know if you find any videos that you think should win a prize, or make sure that when you visit the National Space Centre you make a video and upload it... you never know, it could be you!


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