Steampunks in Space

28/29 November

The invasion is planned and the dirigibles have taken to the sky for a weekend dedicated to rockets, steam, tea, cake and to celebrate the end of Movember; the moustache!

The National Space Centre is hosting a weekend for the UK Steampunk community and the "steam curious". Come along and meet the best makers, creators, artists, authors and traders.

A cake and jam competition, tea duelling, a huge market and lots to see and do throughout the day for those of you who are interested in the latest cultural phenomena in the UK.


Standard entry prices to the National Space Centre apply for the daytime events.  Day tickets include entry to the exhibition, market, talks, radio play, workshops, games room and the whole of the National Space Centre (six galleries, Rocket Tower, 3D SIM and Planetarium show - on first visit only). 


If you buy a ticket for Saturday daytime, you can upgrade to a FREE ANNUAL PASS when you collect your tickets. This will allow you entry on Sunday daytime at no additional cost.

Join our team of scientists over the weekend as we answer all the important questions and prepare a paper for a scientific journal.  


Help us with real scientific experiments to discover:


>  At what temperature will the biscuit last longest - liquid temperature

>  What percentage of milk to tea will affect the biscuit infrastructure the most

>  Which is the best "hold" to ensure biscuit structural integrity

>  Do different brands of the official Malted Milk matter?

>  Submersion depths to disintegration rates

>  The wobble factor - do your nerves make a difference

You are invited to take a tour of the facilities, no not "those" ones, we would like you to head to mission control and learn more about the discoveries Mr Wells and Mr Verne have made in their travels. The Major is in charge, so nothing could go wrong, especially with the newly installed steam powered containment cages for the "inmates"!

*Ticketed event, with tickets available on the day.  Additional cost to participate.  Bring your unmodified NERF guns to participate.

Every person who purchases a ticket to Steampunks in Space will receive a golden token.  Whilst enjoying your day and admiring the splendid outfits, give your coin to the person you feel has the most interesting, exciting, amazing outfit.  Any person with 30 tokens or more, will then be entered into the final fashion show of the day, with the audience deciding the "Best in Show" and prizes will be awarded.

For the third year running we are delighted to be joined by the Dandy Gent (it is Movember after all!)

The Dandy Gent is a traditional barbershop for discerning gentlemen who pride themselves on their appearance. Haircuts, shaves and beard styling services are available, and the establishment has its own range of products such as soaps, shaving creams and oils.

Make sure you head to see them nice and early, as this is one area that sells out every year (it is too good to miss!)

Thanks to the fantastic team at Abbey Pumping Station, situated next door to the National Space Centre, we will have some real steam power at this event.

Running from 11:00 - 16:30 on 28 November (ONLY) will be one of the station's beam engines.  A fantastic piece of engineering set in the beauty of Victorian architecture.

Join your hosts, Count Ilya Rostov and Darren Gooding, for a full weekend of entertainment in our informal lounge setting.

Born at a very early age, Count Rostov stumbles through time and space to bring you the best entertainment the universe can offer. (He's not particularly successful - but he's dreadfully keen and does his best). An inveterate gin drinker, swordsman and Ginjitsu practitioner. Thankfully he is redeemed by an excellent set of friends.  Not obsessed by beetroot at all

Darren Gooding has acted on stage and television. He has performed his plays and comedy in various locations, including Downstairs at the King's Head, London's Cambridge Theatre, and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as appearing in various TV programs from "Jonathan Creek" to "The Basil Brush Show"! The creator of the "Leopold Thorn" adventures Darren brings his eclectic skills as compere, storyteller and illusionist to our event, he also brings his glamorous colleague; Hostess and Deceptrix, Miss Alice d'Lumiere...

Activities in the Lounge will include:

> How to choose the perfect tea leaves – join our tea blend expert to find out more

> Rayguns in Aspic 6 – Count Rostov doing what he does best (apparently!)

> Steampunk'd – Teams of up to four people come along and take our 30 minute challenge to create a
    Steampunk gadget, gizmo or thingamabob from our secret bag of "stuff"

> Tea Duelling – join the Tiffin Mistress for a national competition round for this seat of your pants sport

> Gin tasting – yes we will be giving away gin and telling you why you like it!

> Exerts from the Cabinet of Leopold Thorn - Prepare yourself for sleights, misdirection & Steam-Punk
    Science in the eccentric, enigmatic company of Leopold Thorn: Illusionist (professionally), Murderer
    (reputedly), Visionary Genius (quite possibly) and Strutting Dandy (unquestionably).

> Afternoon Tea with Professor Elemental – take a seat, buy a cream tea and bop along to your
    favourite chap hop.

> Cake and Jam competition voting – dig in and tell us what you think, you decide the winners

> Rum tasting – yes we will be giving away rum and finishing off the weekend in true pirate style

Count Rostov is back with a live performance of the sixth installment of his ever popular (well, he does lock the doors) comedy radio play. With a cast of steampunk stars and Count Rostov taking the lead, we are... no, proud doesn't seem the right word... we are obliged to present... Rayguns in Aspic VI. If you loved old radio shows such as Round the Horne or I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, or are a fan of wordplay and awful puns, come along to discover the devolution of radio comedy in all its "groantastic" glory.


Following the success of our Jam and Cake competition last year, we are opening the competition to all visitors to test your skills in the kitchen.  With trophies, prizes and the respect of your peers at stake, it is time to step up to the plate and put a cake on it!

If you would like to enter, simply head on over to see the category’s in the JAM AND CAKE TENT and get baking/jamming.

This competition will run on SUNDAY 29 NOVEMBER ONLY.

The Tripods return... and they're bigger and badder than ever! Oakbound Games, a small, indie gaming company from Bristol, return to the National Space Centre with their Wellsian Martian Invasion board game. Since last year those pesky Martians have got craftier and have brought new machinery into their attack on Earth. Fortunately the genius of man (and woman) kind has also furnished the players with new tricks to throw at their aggressors, and each other! There's even a rumour that some of the greatest Steampunks Britain has to offer are going to be making guest appearances... Geoff will also be live sculpting and attempting to get the rivets in the right place on goggles in 28mm, a feat not to be missed!

Cog 'o' Two are a family run business and active members of the Steampunk community, in fact you might know them from their alternative Steampunk Superhero personas!

As well as the standard array of metal and woodworking machines and hand tools they have a lathe, milling machine, plotters, engravers and even a 3D printer, so they really can create just about anything.

Joining us in the games room this year, they will bringing an array of delights for makers, crafters and, of course, gamers.

Cogs, Cakes and Swordsticks is Lynne Hardy's game of steampunk pulp adventure, designed to be played in the comfort of your favourite tea shop with your friends, and requiring nothing more than your imagination, a pen, napkins and a sugar cube (should a six-sided die not be readily forthcoming).  So grab the cake of your choice and a piping hot cup of tea, settle down and allow us to welcome you to the Empire of Steam - an age of marvellous gizmos and mad inventors, Babbage Engines and flying steamships, dashing heroes and femme fatales, and the odd fiendish villian for good measure.

Spartan Games is a tabletop games manufacturer best known as the developer and publisher of the tabletop wargames Halo: Fleet Battles, Firestorm Planetfall, Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Legions and Dystopian Wars. Come see our range of stunningly detailed resin, pewter and plastic miniatures, and if you'd like you can even have a go at one of our games. Many of our starter sets will be available at special show prices, so be sure to come and say hello and see what we have to offer.


Dystopian Wars - It is the 1870′s, and war rages between the world's great powers on a scale never before seen! At sea, mighty Battle Groups clash; lines of giant smoke-belching Dreadnoughts and Battleships hammer one another in mortal combat, supported by flotillas of smaller craft. Between the thunderous engagements of massed war fleets are dozens, if not hundreds, of lesser skirmishes. From the war lashed North Sea to the most remote of backwater trade routes, roving packs of cruisers, Destroyers and Submarines hunt down the merchant shipping of the enemy.


Herr Döktor is one of the community's leading personalities and artists. His sculptures and models have earned praise from around the world and he is respected by Steampunks for his skills and artistic ability across the globe.

Mr. Arty Piston-Broke is a Steampunk artisan and fabricator of fine Steampunk-themed contraptions, gizmos and properties. The majority of his work is made using traditional materials available to the Victorian period, such as metals, wood, glass and leather.

Steampunk's become something of a major obsession for The Dark Power's Joe Slatter over the last few years. he's created a variety of sculptures, props, costumes and videos in the genre.

Mark Goodman runs "Mostly Curious Games", an art laboratory that makes a lot of steampunk pieces. Mark regularly exhibits at the MCM expos with the Steampunk emporium. He like to use film, TV programs and video games as inspiration for his art work. He has also exhibited at the Bradford Industrial museum and Greenwich Observatory.

Filling our market hall over the weekend will be the very best Steampunk traders you will find. Join the hustle and bustle, where you really can buy a bustle and we promise no hustling will be allowed.


Broadarrow Jack

Awesome Leathergoods, Bespoke Bags, Cunning Pouches, Delightful Accessories, and Enchanting Hand-Made Notebooks


Major Tinker's Emporium
Thadeus Tinker is well known in Steampunk circles across the globe as a facilitator, entertainer and artist. He is blessed with the companionship of Lady Elsie Tinker, costume designer, textilier and bon vivant. Together they have established a reputation for the very best in Steampunk.


Blue Lady Couture
Whether you are looking for gothic, neo-Victorian, steampunk or regency, Blue Lady Couture specialises in creating custom outfits for people who have a passion for the eras of elegance. All the outfits are handmade to a high standard by Joanna at her studio in Lincoln. . Many of the garments are made to order, allowing you to choose colour and style to suit.


Diamante Queen
Handmade vintage inspired, kitsch, macabre, noir accessories, millinery and clothing, for discerning chaps and ladies. 


Discombobulous Workshop
Fantastical devices, luxury leathers, zombie parts, great goggles, beautiful box bags, heavenly hats and so much more . We are a purveyor of fine items and oddities, steampunk and otherwise. As seen on Sky One's 'Yonderland' series


Mother's Ruin Millinery
Award nominated milliner bringing you a fabulous variety of fascinators and hats, each created by hand from a simple eye catching piece to a flamboyant couture number. MRM uses traditional millinery blocking techniques and original construction and home grown patterns. MRM will also have a selection of D.I.Y. pattern packs.


Steampunk Relics
Recreating a non existent past. Gadgets, gizmos, gewgaws to delight and amaze. Jewellery, accessories and accoutrements for the discerning Steampunk.  Steampunk inspired designs. From kaleidoscopes to rocket packs, canes, guns, things in jars, tentacle Jewellery, and more. If we haven't got it we'll make it.



Clare's Prints
Clare is an artist who produces Steampunk inspired artwork often featuring her cat and his friends wearing various costumes including my bowler hat and goggles! She produces unique paintings, prints, greeting cards, handprinted bags and wearable artwork.



Dodo's Black Rainbow
Offering steampunk and vintage-inspired bags, purses, boxes and accessories.


The Curiouser Art Collective
The Curiouser Art Collective present a delightful array of original artwork, prints, cards, posters and illustrated gifts by Lauren C Waterworth and Charlotte Thomson-Morley. With a passion for Victoriana, Steampunk and Burlesque, Lauren and Charlotte have worked together to create a vast range of eclectic figurative illustrations using traditional Watercolour techniques, Acrylic paints and Tea!



Wild and Violet
Wild and Violet have a passion for vintage crockery and the pieces used can be over a century in age. Images are applied to the pieces and fired to a high temperature insuring all items are 100% food and drink safe. Vintage and antique spoons are individually hand crafted with skulls each having their own personality. We love the idea that these forgotten old pieces will once again treasured and used.




Holly's Lollies
Holly's Lollies are hand crafted, gourmet lollipops created in small batches to order. They come in a range of unique flavours, including our signature cocktails lollipops, flavoured with real alcohol. Pina colada pop anyone? Currently she has created over 20 different flavours of lollipop and this is ever expanding. Tried and tested 100's of times, the flavour combinations have been developed to work perfectly.


Jo's Leather Crafts
All of Jo's leather items are cut, carved, stamped, stained and gloss finished by hand. Jo is self taught and can make carved coasters, different kinds of bracelets/cuffs, cufflinks, masks, archery arm guards, watch straps, Steampunk items, belts, dog collars, phone cases, bell muffles, jar covers, medieval items and most other items required.


TLC Upcycling
Amazing pieces of art and furniture made from everyday objects and, of course, tender loving care.  Traditional trophy heads made with bike seats and handle bars, lamps made with vintage car jacks and coffee tables made from railway platform trollys, are just a few of the stunning pieces.  An eye to upcycling and a make do and mend Steampunk focus makes this a great addition to the market.


Second Coming
Costumes, Ensembles, Guises and Garbs. Who do you want to be and how do you want to be seen? I'm sure I can help. Drapery and raiment from the themed to the formal, from the classic to the avant-garde (or all of those at once!)


Harlots and Angels
Harlots and Angels have produced designs, commissions and sewing patterns for a wide diversity of clients, including The Disney Corporation, the BBC costume department, Sky TV, Working Title films as well as several Hollywood production companies and local theatre and film productions. Harlots and Angels have produced a wide range of Sewing and leather work patterns and easy ready to make kits to really help your creativity shine through.