Into Space

Take a tour round Into Space and you will come face to face with astronauts, spacesuits and our journey into space.

Not only will you walk through a mock up of the Columbus Module from the International Space Station, but you can also discover the answer behind the most asked question asked at the National Space Centre, how do you go to the toilet in space?

Floating Astronaut

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Soyuz Capsule

Soyuz Capsule

An internationally significant artefact, the Soyuz capsule on display at the National Space Centre was a flight spare made by Zvezda, the Russian Space Agency, in the 1970s.

It is one of only two Soyuz capsules on display in the West. The other, in Washington’s Smithsonian Institute, has none of the rocket motors or electronics that feature on the Space Centre’s exhibit.

"My favourite artefact housed at the National Space Centre is the Soyuz capsule. It tells the story of human spaceflight from the past, present and future."


Buzz AldrinMany astronauts have visited the National Space Centre, including Buzz Aldrin who was part of the Apollo 11 crew who landed on the Moon.

Follow in their footsteps and see Helen Sharman’s launch couch and spacesuit from her journey to become the first Briton in space.

If that was not enough, make sure you discover the canine spacesuit and jump into the Blast Off experience to become an astronaut on a Space Shuttle launch.

On 18th May 1991, Helen Sharman became the first Briton in space. Helen was a chemist for the Mars chocolate company. She won her place in space in 1989 after answering an advertisement she heard on the car radio - "Astronaut wanted. No experience necessary."Two point O says...