Meet the 2.0s

The 2.0s (two point ohs) were created by NSC Creative, as the stars of their award winning full-dome film ‘We Are Astronomers’. The 2.0s are mini, orange versions of us, intrepidly scanning the skies for distant galaxies and undiscovered planets, in a never ending search for the origins of the Universe. Their newest adventure sees them embarking on a search for intelligent life, in their latest film ‘We Are Aliens’.

In their spare time, like the best geeks, they are obsessive followers of popular culture, sci-fi movies and comics, and like nothing more than dressing up as their favourite fictional icons. We’ve collected some of their best costumes here for you to enjoy!

Practically Perfect In Every Way

Mary Poppins

Mysterious, super-powered nanny, striking awe and admiration into the hearts of children everywhere. She is fond of super-long words, flying, and tidying up!

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Librarian by Day


Flame haired vigilante who hides her crime fighting antics behind a day job as a librarian at the Public Library. Evildoers beware! 

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Give me a scotch. I'm starving.

Iron Man

Millionaire industrialist and super-scientist, this armour clad hero takes to the skies to deliver justice. Just don’t forget the Alka Selzer.

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All Star Space Gang

All Star Summer

The All Star Space Gang provide fun costumes and activities at the National Space Centre. Join them for trails, dressing up and fun activities throughout the holidays!

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