Orbiting Earth

Brock Anchorson

Discover the satellites in space that make a real difference to your life. Satellite navigation, weather forecasting, emergency disaster warnings and understanding the changes to our fragile planet are all highlighted in the Orbiting Earth Gallery.

Enter the Weather Pod, watch the impact of an asteroid in the Near Earth Objects Information Centre or create your own sound waves in this informative and exciting gallery.

The Weather Pod

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I haven’t laughed so much in years. The sight of my husband trying to tell the weather forecast will be shared with all our friends on Facebook. I am sure it will bring a lot of joy to many people.Smiley


MOP-4 Satellite

MOP-4 SatelliteMOP-4 is the fully engineered flight spare of the Meteosat 7 weather satellite. The Meteosat series of geostationary satellites has provided images of Earth and data for weather forecasts since 1977. This satellite was launched in 1997 and is in geostationary orbit 36,000km above the equator. With a value of £3 million, the flight spare is the most valuable item in the collection.

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