The Planets

The Planets

Want to know more about the planets in our Solar System?

Walk through the gallery and stop off at Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Take time out of your journey to drive a Martian rover on the red planet, take a bath with Saturn and even see Venus in 3D.

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Pluto is technically no longer a planet, but it is still the 10th largest body orbiting around the sun. The ex-planet got its name from an eleven year old girl in Oxford. She named Pluto after the Roman God of the underworld, not the Disney dog.

The Planets

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Nakhla Meteorite

Nakhla MeteoriteIt fell to Earth on June 28, 1911, in the Nakhla region of Abu Hommos, Alexandria, Egypt. Many people witnessed its explosion in the upper atmosphere before the meteorite fell to Earth. About forty pieces were recovered. Thirty-four meteorites thought to have originated from Mars have been catalogued from around the world, including the Nakhla meteorite.

MeteoriteOne fragment of the meteorite was said to have landed on a dog, as observed by a farmer, supposedly vaporizing the animal instantly. Since no remains of the dog were recovered and there were no other eyewitness to the dog's demise, this story remains apocryphal. However, the story of the Nakhla dog has become something of a legend among astronomers. Nakhla

Leicester in Space

HayabusaThe Japanese aerospace exploration agency’s Hayabusa spacecraft has landed on the Itokawa asteroid and left a sheet of aluminium containing people’s names, including hundreds of visitors who signed up here at the National Space Centre during 2002.