Tranquillity Base

Tranquility Base

As soon as you enter Tranquillity Base, you become a trainee astronaut on a lunar base in the year 2025.

Become a member of the All Earth Space Agency, and journey to Jupiter's icy moon Europa.

Learn to moon walk and control your spaceship before setting off in our bone-shaking Spaceflight induction Module.

All Earth Space Agency


Life Support

Life Support

Can you handle a power shortage on a lunar night, with no solar power and only limited emergency back-up power? Work with a team to ensure the survival of the crew.

The Mine

The Mine

The ultimate lunar challenge to see how much moon rock you can load using the digger before their time runs out.

Supply Station

Supply Station

Become the Logistics Officer and load the shuttle with a good balance of supplies to send to the lunar base. Chocolate may be nice, but at the expense of water and oxygen it might jeopardise the crews survival.



Train with NASA astronauts to take you mission into space. Take your seat to control jet boosters to set off the laser targeting.



Post flight medical checks are vital for your mission on Tranquillity Base. Get a full breakdown prior to boarding the SIM.

SIM (Spaceflight Induction Module) Take a simulated ride from the lunar base all the way to Europa, a dangerous journey with a very bumpy landing!

Undergo a series of mental and physical tasks to be graded and allocated a position at the Base dependent upon your scores.

Please note, the SIM is not accessible to persons under 1.2m in height, people with back issues, vertigo or pregnant women.

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