NSC Face Of Space (59)

Space Rocks - Summer Holiday

Join the Discovery team this summer for some rockin’ activities and find out why space ‘rocks’.

  • 20th Jul - 1st Sep 2024
  • Included in Annual Pass Offer (booking essential)
  • Something for the whole family
  • Added workshops and talks


  1. NSC Face Of Space (267)

    Join the Discovery team this summer for some rockin’ activities and find out why space ‘rocks’.

    Understand more about what's 'out there', from Moons to meteorites and some of the exciting future sample return missions planned.

    Book now to include entry into additional drop in talks and workshop sessions (no pre-booking), and take a low Earth orbit cruise from the Tetrastar Spaceport.

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NSC Face Of Space (237)

This is a family friendly half-term of activities which aims to inspire children, families and communities about the space and STEM activities.


  1. NSC Face Of Space (143)

    Space Rocks

    Join the Discovery team and take a tour of our solar system to find out more about rocks from space and related missions.

  2. NSC Face Of Space (5)

    Meteorites Under the Microscope

    Get up close and personal with some of the oldest rocks in space: meteorites.

  3. NSC Face Of Space (233)

    Sample Return

    Test your robotics and investigation skills in our sample return activity. Collect the rock samples and conduct tests on your sample to find out more about them.

Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium


When you buy a ticket to the National Space Centre you will also be able to see one of our award-winning planetarium shows at no extra cost.

If you are visiting with an Annual Pass, you can buy a show for £3 per person (subject to availability) upon arrival at the Centre.

  1. Tour of the Night Sky
    National Space Centre

    Tour of the Night Sky

    • Suitable for 8+

    Using our immersive Planetarium, sit back and relax as we journey together through the wonders of the Universe. Your presenter will guide you around our night-time sky and together you will look at the stars, visit planets and explore the mysteries of Space, in your own unique adventure. See some of your favourite stops along the way, in this exciting and audience driven journey.

  2. The Great Solar System Adventure
    NSC Creative

    The Great Solar System Adventure

    • Suitable for 5+

    Join showman extraordinaire "The Great Schiaparelli" as he takes the audience on a death-defying space-time adventure within his wondrous Observatorium. From the sun-scorched surface of Mercury to the icy expanses of Pluto and beyond, prepare to be subjected to the myriad dangers and wonders of our Solar System, on a breathtaking tour that reveals just how precious our home planet really is. Be warned though, the Observatorium isn’t just for show. It will transport the audience right to the heart of some of the deadliest locations in our slice of the heavens. It’s going to take some fancy flying to get everyone back in one piece!