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Ethos and Values

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Space for Everyone

The National Space Centre is a charity, a science and discovery centre, a visitor attraction and an educational facility.

But more than that, it is home to a passionate team of individuals that truly believe in our mission.

  • Get people excited about space
  • Help develop the next generation of scientists & engineers
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There is space for everyone here. We value teamwork and draw on each other’s expertise. We treat each other with respect. We are one crew.

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We believe every EXPERIENCE counts

We bottle childhood wonder and take it with us wherever we go. We create unique experiences by finding new ways to engage and connect with people.

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We consider how our actions impact us, our visitors, our communities and our planet.

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We look for answers, push boundaries and try new things so that we can be better for our audiences.

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We love to LEARN

We are globally recognised but know that we are only tiny humans on a blue dot in a vast universe. We are committed to informing and empowering others as well as growing ourselves.