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Bringing Communities to Our Door… One Small Step Sponsorship

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    The National Space Centre is an educational charity in the heart of the East Midlands.

    The recently launched IGNITE! programme is working with city and county-based communities with little to no access to educational funding, to look at ways to support out-of-the-classroom learning for those with an interest in STEM subjects.

    This programme has significant costs, which the charity is currently underwriting, with the help of key sponsors, but to continue and grow we need your help to make a positive difference to the lives of children and families who are striving against poverty, cost of living crisis and multiple underfunded systems that are currently unable to cope with the demands of the community.

    One Small Step is your way to donate and make your mark on the project and the National Space Centre.

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Buy a footstep that will, with others alongside it, bring those communities in need to our door, and then we can then do the rest. 

  • After-school clubs 
  • Summer clubs 
  • School booster sessions 
  • Community family celebrations 

Together we could help children into careers that they never thought they could achieve, maybe even going on to be those who make those positive changes to help our planet, our communities and see future generations thrive.  

Buy a Footstep

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The Eagle Has Landed - £50 buys you a footprint and supports an after-school club for one session.

One Small Step - £100 buys you two footprints and supports one three-day place for a child to attend a holiday club.

One Giant Leap - £250 buys you five footprints and provides one school booster session for a full class of children.

Footprints can be dedicated to individuals, groups, or your business. 

Buy a Footstep

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Vouchers are valid for up to 12 months from the point of purchase.

You can send the voucher, with a personal message, to the recipient immediately, or on the day of your choosing (birthday, Christmas etc.)

The recipient can select up to 22 characters over 2 lines for the plaque (11 characters on each line, including spaces).

You can email the voucher to yourself to redeem and add a name in memoriam.

You can dedicate the footstep to a school, group, or business should you wish to look at a way of fundraising for the Centre (charity no: 1078832)

Buy a Footstep