Tetrastar Spaceport

  1. AH National Space Centre 13.05.22 018

    Now boarding at the National Space Centre

    Tetrastar Spaceport is the brand-new experience at the National Space Centre. A low Earth orbit cruise is included in your day ticket (subject to availability). Take a seat on the Tharsis spacecraft and join the ever helpful ADA, as you head off on a journey to the stars.


Available at weekends and school holidays.

Tetrastar Spaceport is suitable for 5+ children (minimum 1m height when accompanied by an adult).

Please note - Tetrastar Spaceport is a crewed experience, so opening and closing times may differ at peak periods. 

AH National Space Centre 13.05.22 019

The following people are advised to refrain from riding the attraction:

  • Pregnant people
  • People with Epilepsy
  • People who suffer from motion sickness
  • People who suffer from back or neck pains
  • People who suffer from any type of heart condition
  • People with recent surgery or existing conditions that will be affected
  • People with any other physical condition that may mean it is unsafe to sit in a moving seat