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Boosters Café

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    Take a seat under giant rockets in Boosters Café or in our Welcome Hall in the Soyuz Lounge for a locally roasted coffee, homemade soup or one of our Chef's rich and indulgent brownies. 

    Our café serves hot and cold drinks, snacks, soup, nachos, jacket potatoes, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, wraps and cakes.

    We have healthy, vegetarian and vegan options throughout the menu, and our team are always happy to help with any dietary requirements (we have gluten free rolls that can be made to order, so just chat with our café staff). 

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Sustainability and the Environment

All of our packaging and service wear are from Vegware and Planglow, so even though they may look like plastic or paper, they are actually made from plant-based compostable materials.

All of our waste is hand sorted, which removes at least 94% of all refuse from landfill.

If you bring your own refillable water bottle then our staff in Boosters are always happy to fill with fresh drinking water (we are looking to add water fountains shortly).