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When to Visit

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    The National Space Centre welcomes over 300,000 people a year through its doors, including over 80,000 school children on educational visits.

    Although we are busy throughout the year, February and October half term are our busiest times of the year, especially on rainy days.

    During the summer holiday period and on lovely sunny days, the Centre is quieter, so why not plan your trip during the summer?

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Special Days and Sessions

Space Lates - Quieter evenings with talks and workshops for those who want to delve deeper into space science.

Accessible Afternoons - An afternoon to support children, young adults and families with additional needs and disabilities, designed for SEND visitors who would benefit from a quieter experience.

Small Space Days - A day of exploration for our littlest visitors. The Centre is not open to groups or schools on this day, so small children are able to toddle, explore and engage with the exhibition freely. 

SEN Home Education Days - An accessible day dedicated to SEN (Special Educational Needs) home educated children and their families.

See our What's On pages to find our next event

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Off Peak Periods

School Term Time Midweek

During the week, we’d recommend visiting after 14:00, as this is the time school groups leave and the Centre is very quiet (don't forget, day tickets automatically upgrade to a FREE Annual Pass, so you can enjoy lots of shorter, and quieter, sessions visiting in the last few hours of the day).

Weekends and Holidays

If the sun is out, we will be quieter, so pick a sunny day. The first two weeks of the summer holiday are our quietest of the year, as well as the holiday prior to Christmas.

Visiting with very young children

If you are planning to bring very young children to the Centre, please look out for our Small Space Days, which have been specifically designed to offer a toddler friendly environment and lots of extra activities to stimulate little hands and minds.

Adult only groups

If you can visit during the school week, then look to arrive after 14:00, after the school groups have departed. Alternatively, look for a sunny day, when a lot of the family groups will head to the park and zoo.

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Check before you visit

For regular updates, please join us on Facebook, X, or Instagram, where we always share details of upcoming events, sold out days and anything that might be important to your visit. We are happy to answer questions, so why not check before you depart and plan your visit for the very best experience.