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Join Elliott to find out more about what’s happening with our teams; why do we do what we do, and why are we passionate about it; what’s changing at the Centre and what’s going on behind the scenes.

We're really excited for you to get to know the National Space Centre better and to bring you closer to the work we do here! Space may be very far away for the vast majority of us; but starting from now, the National Space Centre will be closer than ever before.

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    Christmas Has Landed at the National Space Centrest

    • 29th Nov 2023
    • Author: Elliott Langley - Marketing Administrator

    As we roll into December, our trio of rocket-shaped Christmas tree lights have landed, transforming the space next to our Shop into a cosy winter wonderland. If you visit between now and the New Year then you’ll be able to see our Christmas lights when you arrive – just look up!

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    No, We Don't Have an Antigravity Room - But What We Have is Just as Cool!

    • 27th Oct 2023
    • Author: Elliott Langley - Marketing Administrator

    Here’s a question we get asked a lot (and I mean a lot): is there an antigravity or zero-G room at the National Space Centre? For this Our Space, we’re going to take a deeper look at why there isn’t an antigravity room in our Centre, but why what we do have is just as cool… if not cooler!

  3. DSC03383

    How Do We Curate our Exhibitions?

    • 13th Oct 2023
    • Author: Elliott Langley - Marketing Administrator

    One of the lovely things about working at the National Space Centre is being able to walk through the galleries and be surrounded by “space stuff” during a normal day. It’s uncanny how quickly you become acclimatised to seeing huge displays and real space flown rockets on a daily basis.

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    A Few Simple Ways to Support Our Educational Charity

    • 29th Sep 2023
    • Author: Elliott Langley - Marketing Administrator

    Being a not-for-profit charity means that we do not receive funding in the way that a lot of other attractions and centres do. The good news is that there are so many ways that you can play a vital role in supporting our charitable endeavours!

  5. DSC5798

    Budget-Friendly Souvenirs From Our Gift Shop

    • 15th Sep 2023
    • Author: Elliott Langley - Marketing Administrator

    We know that everyone has a different budget and that days out can soon add up, especially as prices continue to rise just about everywhere. I decided to have a chat with our Shop team, Dan and Kerri, and see if they could recommend a few budget-friendly souvenir ideas whilst also telling us a bit more about the Shop!

  6. DSC01022

    How Do We Source Locally and Sustainably for Boosters Café?

    • 30th Aug 2023
    • Author: Elliott Langley - Marketing Administrator

    What is the best part of any day out? We are big fans of getting a bite to eat at the National Space Centre, which is why we take such pride in our Boosters café. But how do we make sure the services we provide in our café are not causing harm to our home planet?

  7. DSC3347

    Interview With a Busker

    • 2nd Aug 2023
    • Author: Elliott Langley - Marketing Administrator

    Would you believe me if I told you that “busking” is a crucial part of our Discovery team’s workday? I decided to sit down with three members of our Discovery team to find out more about their busking habits, what it is, and why it is such an exciting part of any visit to the National Space Centre.

  8. Coffee Pouring

    Where Do We Get Our Coffee Beans from?

    • 19th Jul 2023
    • Author: Elliott Langley - Marketing Administrator

    There is nothing like starting your day with a good quality coffee, and as I write this my mind is already starting to think about that second magical cup of ‘go juice’. Did you know that our coffee beans come from less than 15 miles from our front door?

  9. Microsoftteams Image

    One Small Step to Save the Planet

    • 12th Jul 2023
    • Author: Malika Andress - Head of Marketing

    Every day the National Space Centre teams are looking at changes we can make to help save our planet. This month we have started working with Swithland Water, who are another local company we are happy to partner with to cut down our carbon footprint, but also to support local independent suppliers.